Chef Bryan Woolley

I’ve been a professional chef now for over two decades. Food is an art that is meant to be enjoyed by all the senses. I’ve traveled the world singing opera, studying, and enjoying incredible food. To me, a delicious dinner not only includes incredible food but great music and friends.

I come from a large family which meant there was always something cooking in the kitchen. As far back as I can remember, cooking has always been a part of my life. I have had many wonderful successes and comical learning experiences in the kitchen. These culinary adventures have molded me into the chef/person I am today.

Food is art and art is food. Every soul needs good art.

Approximately twenty years ago I started appearing on a weekly cooking segment/show for FOX television. During this time I was fortunate to apprentice with Master Chef John Simpson. For years I learned under the watchful eye of this brilliant chef while finishing my college degree at Utah State University. When I graduated from USU, I decided it was time to expand my culinary and media presence.

After many years of hard work I moved from a weekly cooking segment on FOX television to CBS. Currently, I can be seen daily on CBS television teaching culinary lessons that empower the home chef to take charge of the foods they prepare and serve. Not only can I be seen on a daily cooking show, I keep busy with a weekly TV show called “Cooking with Chef Bryan”, cooking courses, newspaper articles in regional and national publications, as well as guest appearances on national networks like the Food Network. I am the longest running TV chef on air today in the United States.

In addition to the many media appearances, I am currently the national spokesperson for Klondike Brand Potatoes. This opportunity allows me to travel the country teaching people that delicious food starts with great ingredients like the Klondike Rose, Goldust and Gourmet Medley Potatoes. Incredible food always starts with high quality ingredients.

Food is art and art is food. Every soul needs good art.

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