Organize Your Lives, One Pantry at a Time

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Spring is upon us and so it’s time to start that Spring cleaning.  This year make it a goal to clean out your pantries.  Throw away packaged foods that have expired or aren’t rotating very well.  Make sure everything in your pantry is sealed in its original packaging, an airtight closable plastic bag or a sealable container.  Making sure your food is safe is a great start to a healthy year.

Categorize your pantry by the types of foods you have in there.  Baking items, savory mix items, bottled and canned items should all be grouped together.  Grouping items together make pantry selections quick and easy, plus it’s easier to take inventory to see what’s in the pantry.  Make sure tall items are in back and shorter items are in the front.  Making sure you can visual scan your pantry inventory fast and easy is a great way to keep things fresh.

Good luck with your organizing and cleaning.  Tag me in any photo’s of your organized pantries.  Would love to see them and to encourage Spring cleaning of your kitchen pantries!


Chef Bryan



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  1. Barb says:

    Those are great tips for Spring cleaning your pantry. I wonder how long you should keep spices before buying new ones? I have some that I have had for a long time and don’t use often. Is there a rotation time period?